Double standards in society are nothing new. But is it fair to ostracise older women that date younger men?

It seems perfectly acceptable for ageing men to date younger girls (with the exception of obvious gold diggers). Yet when older women date younger men, especially couples in the public eye, women are targeted.

Kate Beckinsale, 46, has come under fire on her social media feed for dating 23-year-old musician Goody Grace.

The Australian actor and singer Hugh Jackman is accused of marrying a woman 13-years his senior to hide his sexuality.

Jason Momoa, 40 still blushes when he tells people he is married to 51-year-old Lisa Bonet and, although now divorced Madonna is ten years older than her estranged husband Guy Ritchie.

Madonna, of course, is no stranger to toyboy lovers. Her latest beau, Ahlamalik Williams is 36 years her junior. 

Whilst you could say age-gap affairs between ageing celebrities and young studs is a fetish or an infatuation that won?t last, the same is not true for all relationships in which the women is considerably older.

The wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, Brigitte is a prime example. 24 years his senior, Brigitte has been the subject of public scrutiny. 

Part of the issue was that Brigitte was Macron?s teacher when he was just 15-years-old. The affair?did not initially meet with the consent of Macron?s parents, but that did stop the couple from marrying in 2007.

Macron has described his relationship with his wife as “a love often clandestine, often hidden, misunderstood by many before imposing itself?.?

Social Conditioning?

In most cases, opinions boil down to social conditioning. The general consensus is that younger women are more attractive and fertile. Younger men are less likely to father a child with a woman over 40.?

Older men, on the other hand, have bragging rights when he beds a younger girl. There are far more examples of (rich) older men marrying young (sexy) girls.?

Yet nobody bats an eyelid.?

Women that engage in a relationship with a man half her age are warned, ?it will never last.? The general advice seems to be have your fun but don?t expect a ?happy-ever-after? ending. 

Critics should look beyond their personal opinion. Some women prefer younger men because it makes them feel young. And when you?re young at heart, the vitality of youth is a compatible companion.

Why some men prefer dating cougars

It may not be obvious at first glance, but there are more younger men dating and marrying older women than people actually realise. And with good reason.

Older women have more to offer young men than people think. Loving relationships go beyond anatomy and sexual attraction. Older women have more life experience, interesting stories and wisdom.

Men enjoy intelligent conversation and emotional stability. This is not always possible with younger girls. Women in their 20?s are also still maturing, discovering themselves and prone to random outbursts.?

It?s fair to say that younger women cause men more agro than older women. With age also comes a degree of self-confidence and an understanding of what they want in life.?

This level of experience can teach younger men a lot about life and themselves also. Dating older women helps young men mature more quickly and appreciate the importance of making someone happy. 

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