In years gone by, it was more common for couples to meet their life partner at work than anywhere else. One in ten couple married someone they met at work. Studies in the 21st-Century show that a third of relationships start in the workplace

Lockdown restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic have changed the dating scene. With one in three employees continuing to work from home, office romances are fizzling out. 

Office environments give you the opportunity to get to know someone before you decide whether you want to date them or not. 

The special moments to connect in the workplace are all gone; no more loitering around the drinks machine to chat with the guy you like from the other side of the office, the impromptu calls to the stationery cupboard so you can speak to the hot girl in HR or calling the hunk from IT to fix the computer you?ve just unplugged. 

Working from home has completely closed the love line to co-workers. To be fair, relationships with work colleagues have been on the wane for the last decade. 

Dating Apps on the Rise 

Dating apps and anti-harassment policies in the workplace have been cited as the main reasons for a decline in office romances. A study published by Stanford University shows that online dating websites are now the most common way for a couple to meet. 

With coronavirus expected to pose a threat to the lives of vulnerable people for the foreseeable future, governments have no option other than to impose lockdown restrictions. 

People that can work from home should work from home. With the opportunity of meeting a life partner in the workplace severed, work-from-home employees are turning to online dating websites. 

Moreover, online dating could become the new norm as more people find ways of connecting and building bonds in virtual environments. The key factor is that virtual date is saving people a lot of time, money and frustration. 

Virtual Dating Online

Stay at home orders have seen a sharp increase in the number of people joining dating apps. Shagbook has seen a 37% growth in new subscribers since lockdown and a dramatic increase in the number of couples using our messaging platforms. 

Our members are taking full advantage of the chatroom and video features we offer on the platform. With bars, restaurants, cinemas and other traditional first date venues closed to the public, connecting couples are engaging in virtual dates online. 

Virtual dating has become the new norm since lockdown began. Chatting for several hours over home-made drinks gives you an opportunity to figure out whether you have chemistry without wasting time and expense meeting outside. 

Virtual brunch dates whilst self-isolating can be called virtually any day of the week providing work-from-home commitments don?t get in the way. You?ve got a time slot you would ordinarily use commuting to fill. 

Moreover, virtual dating is also expected to last once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted. Getting to know someone online before meeting in real-life is helping people to connect and build bonds – pretty much like you used to do in the office. 

If your opportunities for finding love have been restricted due to work-from-home policies, why not join an online dating website and get into virtual dating.